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My Love Story


My sister marriage completed and now it is my turn now, I heard from my grandma’s my parents are searching matches for me.. it was like shock for me and now this time I forced him  about our marge.. if you are not willing to tell your parents I will talk to your mother but he said no and their my problem  started again no phone cals  no messages  if pickups will say busy… and he asked me about my relationship with my ex-  boyfriend and I said whatever happen to me with him becoz I trusted him and their should be no secrets between us  he should know everthing about me.. this thinking made me wrong  no one will have alike minds,  I wont tel that he is not good man bcoz in everyone’s life that kind of things will  happen but he showed his wicked angle to me this time…

I thought he will not talk to his mother about me so i made a call and I said we are love.. then her mom told wait I wil cal you back and she made a cal to him , the way she speaks to me after she made a call to him was like I never forget that I don’t know what he said to her mother but she told me you are not right person for my son and you have connections with your ex-boyfriend  and you are not from a good family  though  my son wont mary my brother daughter I will some match from my caste but not you… and the history of you was told by my son… if he is not having good impression than how can i…? I was stunned to listen this kind of words.. I started thinking this is what he feels about me… I  made a call to him but no response  I tried and tried  send messages calls emails no response.. got  call from his mom don’t ever call my son again he will not reply you….


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