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My Love Story


After his leave when he return to his work I sendoff him everytime… it is like hell for me leaving me spending not much time with me…

Whenever he comes from leave he first goes to his place where her family lives expect his father, he is mp working their.. he has to go through my city… one day he called me that his train ticket will be valid only to my city so he told me take tickets for him and his friend…

I don’t know how to cook but I cooked for him mutton for the first it tastes good I packed in box, went to the counter he came their and kept his hand on my shoulder I stuned and seen back its him.. my eyes were brighten I can’t expres my feelings outside but I feel inside…. Slowly the line is passing in the mean while my college mate came their she saw us both she told me take ticket for her too… but when I entered the counter it is very rush and their confusion with her ticket I called her that u come and take.. I had taken tickets for him and went to the platform their I saw many of his friends were are also in the same train he introduced me to them… I felt happy but.. when the trains starts I told him to come soon.. I even cried… he gave me a chocolate and  said love u dear will come soon… when the train passes he had given me flying kiss….he came to the city after 2 days..  but this time he is not with much….

I helped him for applying his exams, fees, hall tickets and collecting books parceling them to his work place…. I take care of him for everything…

My sister got engagement…. We have to arrange dowry I told him that no one is helping us and I worried about that he had given me 50k I said I will return u back after 1 mnth I returned him, he presented me traditional dress it is very expensive…. I love that..

I sometimes asked him about our marriage but he said I told you first marge means I cant bcoz of my family problems we can be like friends… but I said I cant leave without you … I will try for you but their will be very less chances…L

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Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh So sad....
01/03/2015 19:43:20
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