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Social inequality

Richard Evan Steele is an acute and internal medicine physician, a good and experienced public health specialist and educator, and the author of "Managed Care in a Public Setting ". He is currently licensed in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. He is active in managed care policy analysis and synthesis in U.S. and European settings, as well as medical and public health educational policy, implementation, curriculum development, and evaluation. This book provides a practical and compelling roadmap to all those facing the myriad challenges of balancing care, cost and social conscience.
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Book: Managed Care in a Public Setting
Author: Richard Evan Steele (M.D., M.P.H., P.D.C., B.C.S.P.H.M.)
Cost : $55.80
video :
Contact no : +45 2216 1923
FAX: +45 8724 4026
Email :​
Address : Tyttebærvej 26, Silkeborg, Denmark 8600

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