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Jay Viradiya

3d Printing Technology for Rapid Prototyping through MakerBot

Jay Viradiya
3d printing technology being the most powerful tool to acquire rapid prototyping is under a huge coup through its neoteric incoming of MakerBot Series of printers. 3d printing, the most influential trend for sales and marketing-is used to actuate a scale model for gifting the project ideas to clients in relatively small size.

Rapid prototyping refers to the immediate assemblage of a scale model using 3d computer aided design data for computer automated manufacturing. The prototypes developed are considered for visualization purpose which helps to gain decisions toward further development and purchase.

The recent incoming of 3d printers in 3d printing technology are MakerBot Replicator-2 and MakerBot Replicator-Mini and these two champs have availed the existence of brain ideas to life, through computer aided design model.

MakerBot Replicator-2 is the most smartest desktop printer in 3d printing technology providing a new standard of resolution and build of prototype with a standard quality actuated from the cerebrum of the users.

The MakerBot Replicator-2 holds the capability to produce multiple models at the same time with maximum resolution of ‘100-micron layers X 410 cubic inches (high)’ enabling an extreme quality oriented model where refining and sanding is not required.

MakerBot Replicator-2 utilizes sustainable bioplastic PLA thread fibres to generate 3d prototypes, these Bioplastic PLA thread fibres are resistive to cracks and attained with amplified strength rather than normal plastics, moreover the availability of array of colours is an additional advantage to this type of plastic
This printer is interfaced through Makerware software that helps to generate the computerized 3d models into real life.

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