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My Love Story


The next day I heared that he has gone to the same with the other girl, I was shocked how could it possible becoz the day before we fell down from bike then how he go again to the same place I mean it’s a long journey… but the news which I heared was true..

After that date with him I got interest in him, taking care of everything though he comes to the city only twice in a year… he lives in other state for his job…

If oct- nov comes it will be like happy days for me becoz he usually comes to the city that time..

One day I invited him to my house(ofcourse it’s a secret no one is their in my house) I wear a traditional dress he likes in that dressing … OMG the way he looks at me.. I know where his eyes are…I welcomed him and offer biscuits and cakes….

He sit on the bed and I stand far away from him he told me to sit then we had like 3 feet distance in between us…. He told that no one will sit between us I said ahaa… I carried a pillow on my laps and holding tight and looking at him..

He suddenly pulled my pillow and Neil down in front of me taking my hands on his cheeks looking like a kid asking for something…. I said what he said just be like this for few minutes I said ok.. he said  U know what u look so gorgeous today… I smiled at him… then he sit besides me kept his head on my laps and not leaving my hands from is cheeks ….. I thought he would do something he too has that feeling but no one approached in the mean while he got a call, that his bro waiting.. then he said I have to leave now.. I said not now…   and turned back to give something for him.. he came suddenly across me and adjusted my strip.. I said what nothing dear he said….. he said I have to leave then I said oh! No… hey! Please don’t say like that we will meet tomorrow don’t worry..

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