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Dipa Mudgal

Interview of Pritam Mukherjee-Author of Existence of Unnatural

Dipa Mudgal Book Reviewer and freelance journalist

Me: How are you feeling after your book getting published?

Pritam: It feels great. Every writer wants his/her article to get published. I was writing this book for a long time as I was a part-time writer. I started it off from my graduation days.

Me: What inspired you to write?

Pritam: I drew a lot of inspiration from Chetan Bhagat and Amish Tripathi’s lives. I always used to get good marks in English and my essays and letters that I wrote in my examinations used to draw appreciation from the teachers of my school. My father used to teach me English and he realized that I had good writing skills from class five. After two business articles of mine got published in and a short story of mine got published in the Times of India’s special edition “Spellbound”, I started to feel like writing again. I also do have some relationship with Late.Sunil Gangopadhyay, who is a well-known writer in Bengal. He was my grandmother’s cousin brother. So some people who are aware of this relationship tell that it’s hereditary (laughs).

Me: Why did you choose horror stories?

Pritam: There are also some stories on black magic and divine existence as well in the book. There is also an explanation given about life and its existence in a scientific manner. So it comprises all of them and hence I have named the book so, “Existence of Unnatural”.

Me: You have written that some stories are based on true incidents. Is it really so and how did you get to hear about them?

Pritam: I have written that those are based on claimed to be true incidents as I did not personally experience them. If I did then I might not have been alive to write this book (laughs). I like to chat with many people and hence I got to hear many stories from various people who claimed the stories to be true. So accordingly with my imagination I created the stories and written them down to make a book.

Me: There was a lot of buzz about the book before being published even. How did you create it?

Pritam: I knew that marketing was very important because a lot of good books get unnoticed from the potential readers. I had accordingly created my strategy to do my book’s own marketing to make my readers aware that my book is going to get published. Months before submitting my script even, I clicked a picture of an old dilapidated house. I asked my friend Bobby da (Nababasu Das) to create the book’s cover page with that picture so that I could start the marketing process. It was used in the initial stage for marketing. The final cover page of my book was however designed by Tisha Mukherjee.

Me: The book is getting a huge response. How does it feel?

Pritam: Yes. The book is getting a huge response from my readers. It always feels great as a writer when so many people are reading your book. I have received a lot of positive feedback. Some areas of improvement are there as well in my style of writing. I will be working upon it.

Me: Have you started writing your next book?

Pritam: Yes I have started with my next. It will be a detective novel and it will be meant for above 16 years of age and hence the style of my writing will not remain lucid in the next.

Me: Apart from writing, what do you enjoy to do?

Pritam: Well apart from writing I am a composer, lyricist as well as a singer. I have learnt Hindustani Classical a bit but I like to sing all kinds of songs from Classical to Hard Rock. I generally have a high pitched voice which goes well in Sufi, Folk and Rock songs. However Ghazals are my all time favourites. Most of my compositions are a combination of Classical and Rock music. May be in future I will like to make an album of mine as well (laughs).

Me: What message do you want to give to your readers?

Pritam: I would like to thank my readers a lot. Without them I would have been nothing. I will love everyone to read my book and recommend their friends as well to read. Thanks everyone for the support. God is great! Love you all.

The book is available at the following links and also at The Oxford Bookstores.

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