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My Love Story


My date with him..

i started from my house around 8AM. i'm waiting for him where he told me to stand... thinking myself he likes my dress today....

as soon as he seen me he made his eyes big like wow expression i smiled at him... i sat on his bike he told me the bike which he bought was his own means he bought that from his salary... i said that's nice...he said he like my dress i said i know he kept his face like how do you know(by seeing his face in mirror) i smiled and said with ur expressions men... hey if you sit on one side i t will be problem for you i said after we cross the city i will change..

he drives speed but balancing, i like his driving.. i dint even hold him.. he told me to hold but i said no i can manage .. he tried to make hold.. after we crosses the city i sat on both sides, he increased his speed but i dint hold him i'm enjoying the nature  and the vehicles which passes us...

i asked him where we are going he said u want long drive just enjoy don't ask where when like these type of questions.. i pulled his his head he said ouch! it hurted u hard he said its you na, so sweet.. i smiled..

i take a chocolate from my handbag and i gave to him  he said i'm driving so how can i eat.. ok i will keep pieces in your mouth.. i kept a piece of chocolate in  his mouth his lips touched my hand i feel like something which i never felt before ofcourse i  kept to my friends even boys but i never felt that. that touch feels me cool and like all my nerves respond to that touch that is the first time happened in my life..

second time also he did the same ... i said oy wat is this ha? he said your fingers are sweeter than then chocolate..i said hello stop this type of words ok..(but inside i feel happy)...

we dirived nearly 80 kms  then our route is to climb the mountains turnings slope danger but the sceneries will be good.... lovable place by everyone ....after 30-40kms we reached a place and had lunch ..taking , walking holding hands together...

next we went to water falls that is too mountain area.. our bike slipped suddenly, bike felt on my leg not much injuries but it hurted... we parked the bike and climbed the mountain to reach that waterfall but i feel like i cant climb he hold my hand and taken to that place as we entered half part of my legs are in water slow sinking but most them were boys just family people left so he told we will go.. i smiled at him and gone......


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