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Jay Viradiya

Wearable Solar Powered Sun Tracker Stationed with Bluetooth Connectivity

Jay Viradiya
Gadget era has habituated us with numerous wearable gadgets acquiring various functions like location service, social connectivity, health monitoring and more. However, this time there is some other big quake in the market from the solar way!
Solar-Tech having an inspiring impact on technology has served us with numerous useful gadgets that leading to a great level of smartness and luxuriousness but this time the solar-tech is in a bit- different mood. It has introduced Sun Sprite, a gadget that can monitor the visible Ultra Violet rays absorbed by the human body.

The advance biology researches of human body has always revealed about the importance of sunlight for physical and mental health. The perfect amount of light exposed on body leads to efficient mood, focus, concentration, sleep and energy.

Science has uncovered the mystery where a human turns sluggish and enters high level of depression if he is unexposed to sunlight for particularly long period. Therefore, a human body has proved to be in need of sunlight for a certain extent. However, gadget era has bestowed excessive smart trends upon humankind that leads to laziness in soaking rays in outdoors.

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