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Jay Viradiya

Motorola 360 Smart Watch Launching Mini Android as Google Wear

Jay Viradiya
Finally, Google has launched the prophet to fulfill the requirements of wearable gadgets with its new incoming, The Wearable OS. After enormous success in Android Operating System for Smartphone and tablets, Google is now assiduous to create a platform that would lead to interface between users and wearable devices.

Wearable gadgets being the utmost motivated trend, has raised the needs of operating platform for wearable gadgets, and almost fulfilled by Google! The priority target of Android Wear OS among wearable gadgets is smart watches, which tends to trend like cosmetics among females.

The upcoming Smart watches have planned to integrate this android wear, as it has appeared to be the first wearable version of android. Smart-watches are always expected to monitor the user’s health and provide an ease to interact with the Smart Phones in the Pockets. Nevertheless, this one is a bit advanced.

Viewing text messages and replying with texts and health monitoring with real-time tips are the basic functionality integrated in Android Wear. Previous launch of smart-watches like Gear were not capable to strike the market due to their complexities and capabilities that were limited until short notifications.

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