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This is one tool you want to tell your tech savvy parents about!

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This is one tool you want to tell your tech savvy parents about!

The generation above us is really catching up with technology. These days our parents use whatsapp, facebook, do online payments and what not. But sometimes they end up getting hacked because they put their personal and credit details on websites which are not trustable. So, here's something which will prevent them from getting hacked by telling them if a website is trustable or not!

How Does It Work?

Just follow the steps to get an audit report on your website -


        You find an option - "Get a 15second Security Audit"

        Type the URL in the space provided alongside.

        Click on "Scan"

Simply wait for 15 Seconds...

You get a Comprehensive Report on the security status of the website. Details of Malware Status, Phishing Status, Clickjacking and Privacy Protection are duly discussed. You also get server details of the website along with Blacklist Status.

Altogether this feature provides you quick assurance about your workspace and also brings to you the loopholes (if any) that further enables you to take precautions.

For whom else is this useful?

This Scan proves to be extremely effective for all kinds of users.

Startup or SME Owners - Worried about your website's security? Suffering a dilemma whether security is at all needed? Check the security status of your website through the scan and get a short, crisp report that will enable you to judge properly. It acts as a guide to help you decide your course of action.

Business Hotshot - Are you the proud owner of an already established hotshot business? We congratulate you for your success. You must be having a security provider of your own. With due respect to the entire working system, you might just put in your URL and get it double checked by us. It gives you better assurance about your workspace. There is no harm in cross checking, after all.

Home Users - Want to do some online shopping? Worried about your credit card details? Get the website scanned by us in just 15 Seconds. The report either satisfies you or warns you of impending disaster if any. The process however brings you out of the uncertainty and detects the loopholes for you.

Kids and Teens - Desperate to download a game? Want to get some cool music for ipod? Before you proceed to download something, get the concerned website scanned by us. It gives your computer better protection and of course greater longevity.


Altogether, Czar's '15 Seconds Security Audit' is an outstanding feature for all types of users. It is wonderfully designed and is remarkably speedy. So what are you waiting for? We are just a click away.

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About the author :

"Kathakali Banerjee a hardcore bibliophile, an admirer of technology and an ardent lover of writing. Very passionate about information security, designing, holds a diploma degree in multimedia and animation from St.Xavier's College, Kolkata. Loves music, cartooning and staying updated on latest trends in cyber security."

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