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My Love Story


when i came to college in jan for practicals i have not seen him i heared that he had applied for govt job and got selected in that and now in his training period...

 In the second year i joined another job where i worked under anglo-Indians but unfortunately they closed their office within in 6 months , so again i went back to college, the girl whom he loved left him and with another boy this made him so much depressed  i don't know really what happen for them both. when he came in jan then one of my friend introduced him  to me somehow he got my number and usually calls to me to come out from that situation..

this became habituate for us both to talk regularly  for hours and it was extending slowly. friendship day came i send courier to him with a very wonderful gift. He Said that everyone in his room is jealous of that gift he loved that so much. i send a diary to him he had the habit of writing diary, that diary is not only a just diary and i decorated personally with keen interested with all my memories... if u had any interest in a particular person we are ready to do what ever  to make him happy and smile... exams are completed but he didn't attend for that . during the final year my friend came suddenly  and told he is not that much good boy  be away from him then i said y? i heared that  you are coming close to him. i said in the sense what?  he told that he is dating with a girl she is also her friend. i said so what? if he dates with a girl why i should i stop talking to him. she is the person who makes me interest in that person and who introduce me to him and now saying no i feel like what the hell is this? 

one day my friend said that she wants to meet you i said ok  i meet her   i really stunned to see her bcoz she is so fatty and not looking beautiful later i came to know she is so kind hearted and very very sensitive. we sit in a local railway station and then she called him, as soon as  he pickup the call he said hai sweety what are u doing/ had your lunch love you so much dear.. missing you a lot.. i feel like in the hell i want to be with you and the girl is smiling and ok fine how are you in very low voice and giving respect to him. then i understand how deep she is loving him. when they are talking i called him it 's busy.. then he told her i will cal you back dear i' m in office. he kept the phone and called me i asked him  why your phone is buzy he told i'm talking to my boss.  he talks with me like he is some what interest in me and like very affectionate, i said ok i got my bus will talk you later. no no dear i want to talk to you.. i said i will call you back... when i'm doing this conversation with him  i find her she is dropping tears  i said no dear don't feel i'm not loving him so no need to worry. she said very politely that if you love or don't love it doesn't matter but the way he talks to you like made me feel bad.. if he is good at me i will be the lucky girl in the world but if not i cant even think that. i said cool down dear.. everything will be fine..


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