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Homework Guiders

COMP 129 All Weeks quizzes

Homework Guiders

COMP 129 All Weeks quizzes


COMP 129 All Weeks quizzes



Devry Comp129 week 1 Quiz


Question 1. (TCO 2) Why is having the correct device driver so important?


Question 2. (TCO 2) What is the maximum transfer rate for a USB 2.0 port?


Question 3. (TCO 2) What is the primary purpose of the power supply?


Question 4. (TCO 2) What atmospheric condition

can increase the potential for static electricity?


Question 5. (TCO 2) A _____ is required before software from the BIOS is executed.


Question 6. (TCO 2) Which unit would you recommend for the help desk people who sit at a computer for a 24/7 operation where help must be provided at all times?


Question 7. (TCO 1) Refer to the provided figure. What type of cable would have this symbol?


Question 8. (TCO 1) Jane decides to restart her computer by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination keys. This procedure

is called a _____.


Question 9. (TCO 1) Why is it best not to start cleaning a computer by using compressed



Question 10. (TCO 11) After a problem is solved, a technician must _____ findings, actions, and outcomes.



Devry Comp129 Week 2 Quiz


Question 1. (TCO 3) Major microprocessor manufacturers are _____.


Question 2. (TCO 3) What does quad core mean in relation of processors?


Question 3. (TCO 3) An engineering professor teaches CAS at the university. Which expansion slot would be best for the graphics card in the professor’s computer?


Question 4. (TCO 3) Most motherboards use _____ for RAM.


Question 5. (TCO 3) Double-sided memory _____.


Question 6. (TCO 3) Dual channeling _____.


Question 7. (TCO 3) Where are mini PCIe cards normally installed?


Question 8. (TCO 2) Which of the following will most likely contain SO-DIMM memory?


Question 9. (TCO 2) A physical problem with a memory chip will often cause a(n) _____ error.


Question 10. (TCO 11) Bill and John are overloaded. They have to install more than 50 access points. Joni hears their frustration and offers to help. This is an example of _____.



 Devry Comp129 Week 3 Quiz


Question 1. (TCO 4) Linux has a variety of _____ that provide the basic functionality that you are used to when working with an operating system, such as the cp command for copying files, the mvcommand for moving files, the vi editor for editing a text file, and so on.



Question 2. (TCO 4) What is a home screen on a mobile device?



Question 3. (TCO 4) Consider the following directory structure from the C: drive root directory.


2014_Term (directory)

CompRepair (subdirectory)

Opsys (subdirectory)

Cisco8 (subdirectory)

VOIP (subdirectory)

If the prompt is C:2014_Term> and you wanted to move into theCisco8

subdirectory, what

command do you type?


Question 4. (TCO 4) List three items commonly found in a dialog box.


Question 5. (TCO 4) Which tool can you use to view, but not modify, hardware and configuration information for your computer?


Question 6. (TCO 4) Who is given credit for the GNU initiative?


Question 7. (TCO 4) Which user type was available in Windows XP but is not available for Windows Vista and 7?


Question 8. (TCO 4) What Windows 7 feature speeds up file searches?


Question 9. (TCO 4) What is the default location for 64-bit application files in Windows 7?


Question 10. (TCO 11) Learning the next-generation features of the most recent . october#”>smartphones is an example of _____.


Devry CoMP129 Week 4 Quiz Latest 2015 October


Question 1. (TCO 5) A laptop normally has an _____ type of hard drive installed.


Question 2. (TCO 6) Why is backing up data to a different partition on the same hard drive not a good idea?


Question 3. (TCO 6) Which backup type would back up all the user’s data and set the archive bit for each file?


Question 4. (TCO 5) Which optical medium has the greatest storage capacity?


Question 5. (TCO 5) For internal optical drives, what is the most common type of internal interface found today?


Question 6. (TCO 6) What term is used to describe the number of samples a sound card takes to create the reproduction of the original sound?


Question 7. (TCO 5) What Android app could be used to see saved photos?


Question 8. (TCO 5) What happens when you press the Fn key along

with a function key on a laptop computer?


Question 9. (TCO 6) A user wants to expand his normal Windows 7 desktop work area across two monitors.

What would be the best solution for this user?


Question 10. (TCO 11) What should you do when speaking on the phone with a customer who is very upset and yelling at you?



Devry Comp129 Week 6 Quiz


 Question 1 : (TCO 8) The protocols used to encrypt account names and passwords are called authentication protocols. The protocol used for Windows is _____.


Question 2. (TCO 9) A(n) _____ is about the size of a credit card, but thicker.


Question 3. (TCO 8) A worm _____.


Question 4. (TCO 8) _____ prove(s) that individuals are who they say they are.


Question 5. (TCO 8) The largest security risk for stealing confidential data comes from ____.


Question 6. (TCO 8) Which security method would be best to use if extremely sensitive government information were stored on a hard drive that will no longer be used?


Question 7. (TCO 8) The protocols used to encrypt account names and passwords are called _____ protocols.


Question 8. (TCO 4) Which Linux command shows you what the current directory is?


Question 9. (TCO 9) What is SSID broadcasting?


Question 10. (TCO 11) Trust between you and your customer begins with _____.



 Devry Comp129 Week 7 Quiz


(TCO 4) You have been asked to temporarily fill in for a Linux administrator who has just been fired. This administrator was known to take a lax view of security and it is suspected that passwords are still kept in the /etc/passwd file. When viewing that file, which entry below would indicate that the passwords are there?

kolson:85yxir:430:0:Back Door:/root:/bin/bash

badams:x:341:52:Brent Adams:/users/badams:/bin/bash

dclifford:x:689:306:non secure user:/root:



Question 2

(TCO 11) Mitch Miller wants to use his optical drive to play a Moody Blues CD. When he inserts the disc and closes the drive tray, the drive turns, but he does not hear any music. What type of problem would a technician say this is?

The technician would say that it is a hardware problem.

The technician would say that it is a software problem.

The technician would say that it is an error of the user.

The technician would not be able to draw a conclusion from the description given.


Question 3

(TCO 10) In which troubleshooting step do you complete a help-desk ticket by typing the solution and closing the ticket?

Document findings, actions, and outcomes.

Identify the problem.

Verify full system functionality and, if applicable, implement preventive measures.

Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution.


Question 4

(TCO 10) The audio beeps heard during the boot process are caused by the _____.






Question 5

(TCO 10) Hardware errors are often obvious _____.

during POST

during printing

when saving a file

during RAM access


Question 6

(TCO 10) What component is most likely to be included in an audio and video editing PC design?


Powerful GPU

Multiple processors

Video capture card


Question 7

(TCO 10) Which of the following would most likely be a design consideration for a gaming PC rather than a computer used for virtualization?


High amount of RAM

Multiple fast, large-capacity hard drives

Additional system cooling


Question 8

(TCO 10) Debbie keeps getting an error each time she tries to save her worksheet in AJAX ABC accounting software to the thumb drive. She then saves an Excel spreadsheet she was working on to the thumb drive and it too produces the error. A good next step would be to _____.

save the file to a different drive.

open the computer case to see whether the thumb drive is connected properly.

replace the hard drive.


Question 9

(TCO 10) Which statement is true regarding mobile design?

. Netbooks are low cost and lightweight.

Netbooks are typically lighter than tablets.

Laptops usually have less storage capability than tablets or smartphones.


Question 10

(TCO 10) An internal keyboard is generally connected to the laptop’s system board using a _____.

USB connector

ribbon cable

PS/2 port

mini-molex connector

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