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Ahona Das


Ahona Das Book reviewer and editor
With an unattractive title '10 + 2 ADDS UP TO YOU' and an extremely catch title 'WHAT NOT TO DO @ HIGH SCHOOL', this novel by Prasanjit Saha, is all about contradicting itself.

The title almost makes it sound like a cliched 'self-help' book. However, then subtitle is bound to attract its targeted group of readers. The adolescents of today.
This book depicts a true portrait of life in Indian schools. It narrates to the readers, the story of a young boy who is as imperfect as imperfection can be. He is tired of watching things going wrong in his life, and is determined to make things fall back to place. It is not just the journey of that particular boy, but that of all high school goers of the current generation. It narrates how he learns the  best of life-lessons from the worst of situations.
Narrative skill is praise-worthy. However, it could have been more enjoyable with better editing. It lacked in crispiness. And it gets too mushy at times which makes it monotonous.

Read it to take a trip back to your high school days. And a 'should read' for high-school goer.
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