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Jay Viradiya

Project Morpheus: Sony entices The Wearable Gadget World through Virtual Reality Gaming in PlayStation 4

Jay Viradiya
A recent announcement from Sony has blown the air out of earth by introducing ongoing “Morpheus” project in the surrounding atmosphere, leaving large desires and applause of its fans. Morpheus refers to VR head mounting device designed to specially interface with PS4.

The Oculus version of Virtual Reality Headset seems to fade off when compared to the promising features of Morpheus. Sony plans to launch Virtual Reality Headsets especially for gaming purpose, but exceedingly grotesque feature of this project is the real world experience of 90 degrees environment around the gamer.

The technology used for display at the distance of 25 millimeters from retinal lens of gamer is 1080p LCD screen which is stationed with reliably inert sensors targeting the highest frame rates. Sony informs the ease of use through committing weightlessness on nose and cheeks and avoidance power of fog formation on lens through perfect strategy of airflow in its VR headset terminating the claustrophobic effect.

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