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Honora Williams

First Aid Kits For Every Situation and All Conditions

Honora Williams

With the weather warming up and holidays approaching, there is no better time than now to buy one of Australia’s best first aid kits to ensure you are prepared for any emergency.

Snake season:

The warmer weather and the increased outdoor activities means there is a higher chance of encountering a snake or spider bite. At WHS first aid kits, all of our first aid kits contain a snake bandage.

Most first aid kits on the market will contain a crepe bandage. However, this does not help you in an emergency when you are trying to apply the correct amount of pressure. Our SMART snake bandage has a clever pictogram on the bandage that starts as a rectangle and turns into a square when the right amount of pressure has been applied. This ensures that you are not letting through any poison and at the same time not applying the bandage too tight to risk losing a limb.

Which first aid kit do you need for the summer?

This really depends on the types of activities you will be doing. If you are heading away on a camping holiday or 4WD trip, we strongly recommend buying the workplace first aid kit or home first aid kit as it our most comprehensive kit and will guarantee you are ready for whatever Australia’s outdoors can throw at you.

If you are doing a lot of hiking or activities in remote areas then you will need the traveller explorer first aid kit.

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones heading away on a holiday, you still need to make sure your home and car are ready to respond to an emergency. All of our WHS first aid kits Australia will meet your needs.

Christmas time:

If you are struggling for ideas this Christmas, we believe we have the perfect Christmas present. Our WHS first aid kit will equip any home for the range of emergencies that are likely to occur. If you know that one of your loved ones doesn’t already have a first aid kit for their home, buy them one to ensure they are ready for any emergency.

If your friend or family member loves the outdoors and is always travelling then you can buy any of our WHS first aid kits to meet their needs. Our customers are constantly wowed by how good these first aid kits are. They truly are Australia’s best!

Perhaps your friends and family are already covered in their home. We know that most cars are not equipped with a first aid kit and they really should be. Our traveller first aid kit is the first aid kit that every car glove box should have. You can’t go wrong buying this as a present.

Happy holiday season and if you have any questions please email us at

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