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Ahona Das


Ahona Das Book reviewer and editor

ME- How would you describe 'I, Me & Her, Forever’ to someone who has not read it yet?

PRITAM-  ‘I, Me & Her Forever’ is not only a romantic novel; it’s also a tale of crush, relationship and friendship. This nov1el is written specially keeping in mind about the life of teenagers, their perspective about love and relationships, how they lead their life when they are in love, the problems which they face when they are in a relationship and obviously what life becomes after they are separated and how their thoughts about love change rapidly. So I would strongly recommend teenagers to go through my novel once


ME- What inspired you to write your first novel?

PRITAM-  Well to be frank I was reading the novel ‘Oh yes I’m Single and so is my Girlfriend’ by Durjoy Datta. Suddenly some part of that novel inspired me to write 'I, Me & Her, Forever’.  So I would like to thank Durjoy da and his book for inspiring me so much.


ME- What were your 1-2 biggest learning experience(s) or surprise(s) throughout the writing-publishing process?

PRITAM-  I am not someone who is doing a course on literature or I am not that kind of a student who used to get the highest marks in English in school. I used to get average marks always. Be it in English grammar or sentence construction or fluently speaking in English I was not that appropriate. So for that kind of a person to end up writing a novel I think it’s a huge surprise for me and my friends as well. But before starting off with this novel of mine I had to read a lot of books to enrich myself like how to start off with the story, how to progress with it, how to maintain the flow of the story and all. The whole journey of writing the novel has been amazing. I got to read many books, learnt new phrases, the style of writing, learnt new words which not only did inculcate me but also made me go through the Oxford Dictionary (which I bothered to touch in my school life) and improved my English a lot. Then comes the part of the publishing process where you need to run after the publishers to get your manuscript approved and if someone is not accepting that you can judge your work, make some necessary changes in it and also write better in future. So the whole process had been a tremendous learning curve for me.


ME-  When did you first discover your knack for writing?

PRITAM-  Haha (laughs). It wasn’t a long term wish or knack. It was just a sudden eagerness that I wanted to write my novel. I was reading that novel by Durjoy Datta around the mid week of February 2013 and after one week of completion of that novel I started working on my own novel. And then the journey began


ME- When faced with adversity, some people come through fine, while others seem to just fall apart. What gives you the courage to keep going when times get tough?

PRITAM-  It’s a general trend of human beings to get demoralized when they are going through tough times.  But these tough times only make us strong and induce mental strength in us to work hard and perform better. People should love criticism. Even I have faced a lot of criticism while writing my novel and I am still facing now. But that never stops me from working hard. Constructive criticism should be welcomed. I love those people who point out my flaws and guide me to write better instead of ignoring them. And for those who criticise everyone and for everything (even me) just because of their own incapability I have just one advice for them “Take rest, you need good sleep; you are mentally retarded”.

ME-  What are you reading currently? Are there any authors (living or dead) or books that you would name as influences?

Ans.  Well actually I am reading 5 books altogether right now (laughs). I know it’s strange but I love to do like that. I read it every day by rotating one or the other book. Those are Inferno by Dan Brown, The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marques (I love reading this book over and over again. This book has been a tremendous source of inspiration for me), Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi and Adultery by Paulo Coelho.


ME-  Give us three "Good to Know" facts about you.  Tell us about your first job, the inspiration for your writing, any fun details that would enliven your page.

PRITAM- Well I am a 3rd year Aeronautical Engineering student, have been a cricket player since childhood and a club cricketer for the past few years, a Tabla player since childhood as well and received the title ‘BISHARAD’ for music from Rabindra Bharati University in 2012, actively participate in quizzing and currently working on the script of a Telefilm. Different sorts of books maybe romance or thriller or books based on any social issues inspire me tremendously in the field of writing and develop new ideas. Other than that talking to different people and meeting them enriches me and makes me a better human being.

ME- How much of the protagonist of “I, Me & Her Forever” resembles you? Or does it?

PRITAM- Yah it does. The character Abhishek resembles me in many ways. I don’t want to disclose anything more here. I would like to keep my mouth shut. One message for everyone “Read my book”. You’ll get to know me more.

ME- Have you ever faced writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?

PRITAM-  No I haven’t faced it as yet and I hope I don’t have to face it in future also


ME- What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your writing career? 

PRITAM-   Well there were many. Firstly, I was never ever superb in English. As I told before I was an average student who used to get average marks. So to step into this field I had to read around 200 novels to enrich myself still I felt incomplete. But I didn’t lose hope and kept on doing the hard work by reading good books, magazines, newspapers and all so that I was having that minimum knowledge to write a novel. Once I progressed with the work, problems kept on arising like sometimes I was short of ideas, having that minimum vocabulary was creating a barrier in writing the novel. There were nights when I used to stay awake yet I couldn’t write anything. But with time the matter got resolved. Then there was family pressure as well telling me to stop writing the novel and concentrate more on my studies and as you know Bengali families always have that same old legacy to make their children concentrate more and more on studies, nothing other than that, so that was happening with me as well. Yet I was adamant in writing the novel, fought a lot with my parents and finally completed the novel. The last part I think was the hardest one that is to get in touch with the publishers. At the beginning none of them were accepting my work. They were having greater demands which I was unable to fulfil. I didn’t live up to their expectations. Maybe the standard of writing which they were expecting was not there in my novel or maybe the story did not appeal to them or looked convincing enough. So I had to face a lot of rejection.  I went through a temporary phase of disturbance and dejection. But I kept on trying and finally Smriti Publishers accepted my work. I owe my sincere thanks to them for allowing me to produce my work and prove my talent.


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