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Jay Viradiya

Bluetooth Integrated Electronic Cigarette Designed to Enhance Smoking Pleasure through Cell phones

Jay Viradiya
Smoking is not injurious to life, not anymore! The Gadget-Era has gifted us with facilities that allow us to smoke cigarettes electronically satisfying the nicotine-needs of the body. Inconceivable smoking devices that allow you to satisfy your nicotine level without harm to your health, at the same time connected to your Smartphone through Bluetooth medium and retaining health monitoring capabilities are in the market around you.

Recent launch of 2-smart E-cigarettes, “Smokia” and “Supersmoker” has declined the production craze of tobacco manufactured cigarettes. The designs of both cigarettes are bodacious having Bluetooth interfacing capability with your smart phones.

1) Supersmoker: The Music Floating on Your Smoke

“Supersmoker” is the Smart E-Cigarette which connects to your smart-phone device with android and iOS platforms; it is a cigarette stationed with speaker, mic and multimedia buttons. Supersmoker is designed to look handsome with 3-Buttons at the front portion for various functions.

The first glance at this device percepts the guise of a mini-flute, but the fact is-instead of blowing the flute, you inhale the smoke. Yet the smoke inhaled is electronically processed through atomizer coil and flavored liquid.

The Bluetooth functionality of Supersmoker allows you to receive calls wirelessly through its in-built speaker and Mic. So while puffing your cigarette, if you receive a call; your E-Cigarette turns into Bluetooth headset and you can instantly attend the call.

Besides call functionality it has fanciful intelligence to stream music from you Smartphone’s music player, moreover volume control, track alteration and accepting/rejecting call characteristics are achieved through 3-buttons stationed at the front portion of the Supersmoker.

A single press of first and last button is interfaced for controlling the volume on the speaker whereas the long presses of the same buttons are interfaced for track alteration to next and previous tracks on the current playlist. Furthermore the Centre stationed button is used for receiving and rejecting calls on your connected Smartphone.

2) Smokio: The Bluetooth-Doctor

Smokio is a featured Bluetooth integrated Smart E-Cigarette that tends to connect to your Smartphone and monitor your health via application software on your mobile that is available on your respective OS store.

Smokio tracks the puffs inhaled through vaporizer by the user on connected Smartphone and maintains the summary related to your saved bucks on tobacco cigarettes, heath status and improvement since the switch. The Smartphone application of Smokio displays the battery status of the Smart E-Cigarette; moreover you can alter the vapor level per puff according to your passion.

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