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Trisha Sen

Its Bitter But Its Better

Trisha Sen Freelance writer

Whenever we hear the name in our menu we inevitably make faces with disappointment disgust, but unlike its name its intake is surely “better” for our heath. I am talking about one of the most prominent vegetable in some Asian nations, “Bitter Gourd.”

This summer vegetable is very good and in fact essential for good health.

 Just like sour, spicy and sweet dishes it is also required for us to include some bitter in our diet and thus consuming bitter gourd is essential. Otherwise called biting melon, bitter gourd is a tropical vegetable, which is developed predominantly in the Asian and African nations. It is likewise known by the name of "Karela" and has a harsh, warty skin.

Bitter Gourd has the capacity to lower blood glucose in diabetics and has been utilized to treat diabetes in conventional drug and is presently economically accessible as concentrates, and pills. This intense flavoured, 10 – 20cm long, dark green colored, and oval shaped vegetable is really helpful in bringing down blood glucose level.

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