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Feliza Fleischer

The impossible be came possible when Apple ran into its Kryptonite in 6 of it main products.

Feliza Fleischer
Public service announcement to ALL Apple users...Over the past 7 months I have become aware that "people" are able to access ALL of the Apple products remotely. I have seen this first hand on my iPhones (5 and 6), MacBook Pro,  iPad, AND iCloud (including iTunes).  They are able to remotely initiate the CAMERA and MICROPHONE. They can also change settings, place bugs, view information, access your location, modify apps, change your password and lock you out of the phone. Additionally, they are able to view and type/communicate with the owner and use the IP address of the phone to go on the internet therefore showing a "hit" from your phone on the website. My MacBook has also had its share of incidents. Earlier this year they removed a kernel from the operating system making it unable to boot. Most recently they added a firmware password causing me to have to take my MacBook in to have it removed. This did not go well either as I received a call from the store stating the hard drive had "failed" AFTER they removed the password and they had to wiped it. This was confusing to me as he first stated it was shown by the blinking folder at startup.  Though I had seen this before in the first incident it was not occurring when I left it at the store. He then stated it was actually the "restricted" symbol, the circle with a line through it. I find this extremely hard to believe as they "tried" to tell me the hard drive had failed in the first instance, when we only say the blinking folder, and was later proven wrong when I was able to pull my information off of it and reinstall the opening system. With this information he then said it could have been "failing" for months. I don't believe this is possible as we did not see the "restricted" symbol in the previous incident. The most disturbing part of the situation is that he stated they wiped the hard drive AFTER it failed not giving me the chance to try to save any information. Unfortunately I had not backed up my MacBook for a month and am now at a loss. It is very unfortunate it has come to this as I have always looked to Apple as a  company I highly respected. I even was graced with the opportunity to go inside the headquarters at the age of 12 with my aunt, friends with someone in the executive offices.  Little bowls filled with apples on the tables in the break room and we were carrying around the first model of the MacBook which was then a much smaller version of itself. Though I can't say I have made a decision I am strongly considering not using any Apple products anymore, though both my blackberry though has been accessed daily as well.  


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