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Jay Viradiya

Solar Technology and Nano Technology Ripened to Deliver Revolution in Apple Products

Jay Viradiya
Apple is about to undergo a revolution by virtue of the privilege of ‘Solar Technology’ acquired. Solar Energy, a silent upcoming trend among gadgets is in the vicinity to change the present and future of Apple products. Charging batteries of gadgets are exasperation in our busy schedule, wherefore Apple adjudicates its future I-Phone, I-Pads, I-Pods and Mac-books to go solar.

Basic idea of future products of apple is to be green in terms of energy; this is possible if Apple products having ability to get charged through solar energy using photo-voltaic cells which need a wide surface to absorb sunlight.

This panel would be either an accessory that could be attached to the laptop via magnetism whenever essential or could be inbuilt in the Mac-books, depends on the model.
Moreover Apple has planned to import greenery to I-phones and I-pads by fashioning them to get charged through sunlight. This is made possible by agglomerating solar cell layer on the touch sensor array. Which means the apple will turn your I-phone’s capacities touch screen into a petite solar panel.

This technology indeed adds superiority to Apple products but solar charging through these panels is possible only in sunlight and once it is exposed to sunlight a fallback of gadget overheating arises.

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