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Pavitr Singh

Why Indian Cricket teams's performance is much better in ODI and T20 than Test?

Pavitr Singh

Recently you have seen a 3-1 win against England after thrashing in tests by England. India can play much better in ODI n T20. Have you ever give it a thought? Why? No then I will tell you some reasons. 

1. Limited Overs- Limited overs is one of the reason. Test matches are having 90*5= 450 overs in a match. But ODI and T20 having only 50 and 20 overs force the player to perform well. Bowlers can bowl up to a limit and ever there is power play. The bowlers just have to maintain his line and length for 10 overs whereas in Test matches they have to bowl atleast 30 overs each. Due to the limited overs, batsman does not get much time to spend on crease, after every 6-7 bowl they have to score a boundary which sometimes give wicket to a bowler. 

2. Attacking vs Defence- Indian Cricket team used to activate their defencing mode in test cricket whereas in ODIs attacking mode is activated. It created a lot of difference. As all the players are not that much experience, they can't keep their patience and after sometime they play a shot which cost them a wicket. Talking about ODI, we have VK Raina Dhawan Dhoni, every player of the team attacks. 

3. Best Fielding side- Indian Cricket team is currently the best fielding side in the world. Youngsters like VK Raina Dhawan Rohit Rahane took catches which were next to impossible. They run like cheetahs on the field. Their running between the wicket is outstanding. They steal runs like thieves. 

4. Entertainment- Full of crowd encourages the players to perform well. Hustle bustle by the spectators, encourages the players to perform well. They play freely in ODI/T20. They attacked the opposition because of the limited overs. They celebrate every win as their last. For every shot, the crowd cheers for them. 25000+ voices forces the players. But in case of Test, we can't see much spectators because the youth of the country in much more interested in a game which cost them less time and they love to see sixes and fours flying here and there. 

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