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Jay Viradiya

Wearable Ring Attains Mutation into Gadget by Integrating Smart Gesture Control to Predominate Home Appliances

Jay Viradiya
Recent realization of a project under the crowd funding surveillance of Kickstarter has come across a wearable ring, devised such that it can dominate and control your home appliances in a way as if your are performing magic tricks with tip of your fingers.

So waving your hands and finger in the air is not a psychic excitation anymore, as a result of acceleration in the development of gesture technology. Ultra smart gesture is the concept used in this wearable ring.

Wearable ring tends to identify minute movements of the finger which is loaded with this ring and actuates the gestures in the connected devices. So from turning your television in active mode and browsing channels up to net banking is just a game of your single finger.

This doodlebug is integrated with touch sensor, Ultra Smart Motion Sensors, LED, battery and vibrator. The initiation of gesture can be activated through tapping the touch sensor after which your finger is monitored for movements.

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