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Blade Signs - Why you should install one?


If your business is located in an area that is crowded with several shops, it's hard to get noticed. This is when hanging blade signs come to the rescue. Hanging blade signs are placed perpendicular to the exteriors of the storefront, which makes it easier for a passerby to identify your business. They can also be utilized to promote your products or services as well. Here are different ways this outdoor sign can be advantageous to your store.

For Retail Stores:

A blade sign with attractive lettering works great for a small business situated in a busy street. Well-designed hanging blade sign is sure to grab the attention of passing pedestrians. You could also convey the specialty of your business to your customers. Shape your blade sign either in a circular form or any other shape of your choice that best fits the nature of your company.

Cafes and Restaurants:

You might notice that cafes, pubs and restaurants are frequent users of hanging blade signs. When people are looking for a place to eat or grab a cup of coffee, blade signs of restaurants will be of great help to them. For years, restaurants and cafes have been adopting hanging blade signs to represent their business presence and are quite successful in attracting prospective customers.

Bed & Breakfast Inns:

Another category of business that has been executing hanging blade signs through the years is bed and breakfast inns. These businesses can design such signs in a way that it assigns a unique representation to their companies. Choose materials such as wood in designing your sign, to add a touch of luxury to your brand. These signs can even be utilized to let the passers-by know if there are any vacant rooms present.

Interior Blade Signs:

Even if a company is well established and reputable, placing blade signs will still work well for your business. If you are running a franchise in a mall, installing hanging signs of brands that are already popular in the market, will encourage customers to come to you, owing to their familiarity with that brand.

Hanging blade signs have been around for a while and have so far exhibited success for several businesses who have installed them. If you haven't already, get in touch with a signage manufacturer, and install a hanging blade sign!

The author is presently working in a reputable outdoor sign company in Kansas City. He explains how installation of blade signs can bring positive growth for businesses. Visit

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