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Pavitr Singh

Love Bytes- 20 Tales of Love.

Pavitr Singh
As the title reads, it is all about Love. It’s more than an anthology. It consist of different feelings from 20 different authors, penned down in a book. I am feeling proud to be a part of this anthology. The CrazZy Ventures, a venture having young entrepreneurs has taken a great initiative by starting this project. I am really inspired by their work, their dedication towards the book is simply outstanding. Surely they will going to make it a hit, not they we all will. They are going to donate the money that will generate from the book to NGO. The best part of this anthology is that they have young authors, they are promoting youth of the country. They have given a platform and opportunity to publish their feelings nationally as an author. What Youth is doing is vital for the betterment of the society. 
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