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Ahona Das


Ahona Das Book reviewer and editor
How would you react if you were sent a copy of the year's most controversial and asked for a review of the same? Well, i was a little confused, a little tensed, and a lot more glad for being trusted upon with the responsibility.

The book, that details on the unheard stories of SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR (one of the largest business organisations around the globe), once banned, is relaunched with a disclaimer from Sahara India Pariwar, an excerpt from which reads : "The book portrays Sahara in bad light by attributing unfound facts and incidents to which we have objections. The book also overlooks, or at the best, just glances over, the contributions made by Sahara India Pariwar..." However, I find the disclaimer absurd and queer. For, the book is titled as "Sahara: The Untold Story" and is therefore supposed to bring out the "unfound facts" itself, to justify the title. Also, It's entirely the personal discretion of the author, whether he will sing praises of the 'already known' success stories of Sahara, or he'll dig out the truths and bring to light other relevant details that were unknown to people until today.

The interview with Subrata Ray, the founder of Sahara, is interesting and engaging.
All your queries related to Sahara, will be answered by this book.

The subtle details on Subrata Ray's life, and the Sahara India Pariwar's policies and regulations will startle you. Tamal Bandhyopadhyay, as a journalist, has done a fine work in illuminating the dark corners of one of the largest business organisations around the globe.
Bandhyopadhyay's writing skills have a queer fluidity that engrosses the reader. The subtlety of the element of sarcasm in the book, makes it an entertaining and wise read.

A must read. It will enhance your knowledge  on the  37-year old, India’s most ‘secretive’ and unlisted ‘conglomerate’, the Sahara India Pariwar and its chief Subrata Roy.
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