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Please help Thelma Moore, who needs our support through her journey with a brain injury that has incurred unexpected medical expenses

My Mom is 79 years young and fell outside which caused a brain injury. She had a blood clot and two brain bleeds. She had two surgeries in a week and spent 89 days in the hospital. She has had physical and occupational therapy, however she is unable to walk. She is home now and I had to quit my job to take care of her. She has been a wonderful Mother, raised 7 children on her own, I can remember her walking to work because she didn't have a car and was to proud to be on welfare.  They said I should put her in a skilled nursing facility because it would be hard on me to take care of her.  She never gave up on us and I will not give up on her.  Thank God she has her mind and has function of her arms although rather weak at this time. I now have to help get out of bed to toilet, bath, place her in a wheelchair and many things that we take for granted. Nothing is easy for her anymore, every day is a struggle for her, but she is strong minded and will not give in to the pain. The hurdle that is taxing to both her and myself is when I take her to her doctor appointments, etc, I have to physically pick her up and put her on the edge of the seat of the truck and push her in. I then have to put her wheelchair in the back of truck. This is very hard on my Mother and physically straining on me due to I have a tumor and two herniated disks in my back. In the hospital Mom kept saying I want to go to Walmart and I promised her that I would take her when she got out of the hospital. A few days after I got her home and settled in, she asked if she could go to Walmart and I said let's go! Well after getting her in and out of the truck, it was disappointing that she could not ride on the electric scooter (it has no arm rests) because she does not have the trunk muscles to hold herself up and there is not any type of basket on her wheel chair. I had to put her in the wheel chair they have with the small basket, this meant picking her up from her wheel chair and placing her in theirs. We financially are not able to purchase a Handicap Van. My family are helping with wipes, gloves, chucks, food and bills that I cannot pay due to loss of my job, but they are not financially able to assist with the purchase of a van. If anyone can assist in the purchase of a used van with a lift or ramp and a scooter or want to donate one,  it would be a great blessing for us.  We live in central Florida
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