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Ahona Das


Ahona Das Book reviewer and editor

‘The Hidden Letters’ by PURBA CHAKRABORTY from BLUEJAY publishers is the kind of book that will be a journey of rediscovering yourself more than discovering the nooks and corners of the protagonist’s life.

What would you do when you were in a dilemma that involved having to choose between your guilt conscience and your daughter? What makes a writer? How long can you balance the tussle between your guilt conscience and your requirements? How long can you keep running from the truth, and the inevitable? How do you react when time serves itself as your worst enemy? What would you chose if it was an option between ‘living the life you’ve always dreamt of’ and ‘digging up the past to correct things that you did wrong back then’ ?
Are you a human, first? Do you celebrate humanity like the way it is supposed to be celebrated? Or do you get scared and opt for the easier way?
Find out your answers, and in a way, yourself, along the course of the book.
Elements of Suspense, thrill, womanhood, humanity, practicality, explored well enough.
An intriguing cover page, that instigates the curiosity among the readers, and an equally interesting blurb.
A must read for all the Phenomenal people around the nation!

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