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Ahona Das


Ahona Das Book reviewer and editor

We all have a past, that consists of sweet and bitter memories. A past that most of us are tired of running away from. This book will inspire you to – stop running, to keep moving forward with new hopes, and building new dreams, burying the shattered ones deep underneath the debris of the past.

A tale of a woman that will inspire you; tell you -that setbacks are okay; that your happiness depends on no one but you; that embarrassing moments happen to each one of us; that having more then one boyfriend in the past ain’t something one should feel guilty about; that taking the charge of your own decisions or being yourself ain’t a heinous crime as the society projects it to be; that it’s okay to not forgive someone for the wrongs they did to you; and that it’s not always your fault if your relationship with your parents don’t work well.

Being honest, straightforward, daring and ambitious, altogether is always a virtue, and never otherwise.  That describes the narrator in an appropriate manner. The positivity, independent mentality, experimentalism, and broad-mindedness of the narrator amazes me, and very comfortably slips into the role of an ideal person.

This book will encourage you to break-free the rules set by the society; to take risks in life. The story of the narrator oozed ounces of self-confidence into me. Parts of the book strengthened me, some other parts made me laugh and giggle, and some parts of it taught me lessons for a lifetime.

The writing has a subtle sense of humor.

The experience of going through the book was like reading the story of my own life, at times; and at the other times, it was like reading the story of an ideal person.

I hadn’t realised the relevancy of the title until i had arrived at the last line of the 47th chapter of the book. YES. Her life will tell you that you have to be Wise Enough To Be Foolish.

This book is a must-read for EVERYONE. If you are a woman or a girl, read it for YOURSELF. If you are a man, read this for YOUR mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, or daughter.

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