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Honora Williams

The Wonder Box of complete First Aid Solutions - WHS First Aid Kits

Honora Williams

Why do you need a compliant workplace first aid kit for your workplace?

The new Workplace Health & Safety (“WHS”) laws aim to provide all workers across Australia with a unified approach towards health and safety protection.

A national approach means greater certainty for businesses, particularly those who work across different state borders.

It also means it’s easier for you, the consumer, to ensure you are purchasing a workplace compliant kit. Gone are the days of different first aid kit requirements across all the States and Territories.

Who is responsible for your workplace?

A Person Conducting a Business or undertaking (“PCBU”) has the primary duty under the WHS Act to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that workers and other persons are not exposed to health and safety risks arising from the business or undertaking.

What does the code of practice say?

  • First aid equipment must be provided in the workplace – This means you need a compliant WHS first aid kit

  • Each worker/employee must have access to the equipment – You must store your first aid kit in a visible area. Our Workplace First Aid Kit PLUS kit is perfect as it comes with a wall bracket and sticker

  • There must be appropriate access to facilities for the administration of first aid – You need to have a designated first aid area

  • There must be an adequate number of workers trained to administer first aid in the workplace

What does it say about your workplace first aid kit?

  • Your workplace must have at least 1 first aid kit

  • You must ensure it is accessible to all employees

  • Your KIT needs to be located in a prominent and accessible location

  • It should be closer to areas with a higher risk of injury

  • You must maintain your kit regularly by ensuring it is restocked

  • We recommend restocking after accidents and every 3 months to ensure you remain compliant

The Safe Work Australia Code of Practice provides a model first aid kit list of components that you need to have to ensure you are compliant. Our Workplace First Aid Kit contains all the items to remain compliant, and much more. Our kit exceeds the requirements of the WHS and is the best first aid kit that you can purchase in Australia.

What about the type ‘b’ first aid kit under the old OHS requirements?

The new code of practices replaces the old Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) laws. If you are looking for the type 'B' first aid kit, then you are looking at old requirements.

You need a WHS workplace first aid kit to be compliant within the new national framework of health and safety laws.

What’s new in the 2014 WHS Workplace First Aid KIT?

We have introduced a new colour coded system to allow you to locate first aid components that are grouped according to whether it is for trauma, bleeding or general first aid.

Each individual first aid component is labeled and has a number on it telling you how many items you need to have to remain compliant with the current laws. We also have a restock portal which you can scan the QR code and you will automatically be taken to the website to order all your restock items.

We have introduced a number of new products with our 2014 version of the Workplace First Aid Kit. The SMART snake bandage is probably our greatest design and shows you how much pressure to apply. It uses a clever rectangle which turns into a square when you have just the right amount of pressure.

All our kits are extremely durable and are made with water resistant and tough material so that you will not need to buy another kit.

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