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Chetan Soni

How much of PDA should be allowed

Chetan Soni

India and Indians have always been non-loving towards Public Display of Affection (PDA)...


They frown when they see two people holding hands and crossing a road , people sitting in park and not jogging , people coming out of Dark alleys..


So if there is a self-imposed rule by society on offline PDA shouldnt there be some rules for online ( social media ) PDA?


My fight is not against boyfriend-girlfriend, new affairs , dating couples because they see all things RED , feel that their love story is one-of-a kind and believe that even if a Meteor hits them it will bounce back.

Me and my community ( I am a part of an underground group ) stand against married couples going Lady Ga-Ga over each other (especially Arranged married ones)..


Usually girls are the culprits here , some examples of comments i have seen -


"The love of my life "

"The greatest husband, brother , son, friend "   ( This I saw from 3 different girls)

"Most handsome guy " ( the guy looks like Tushar Kapoor)


All this within 3 months of marriage , it takes a lifetime to understand somebody and sometimes even beyond ..


The best was a girl posting on her husband's wall asking him something ( Where did the phone go, the inbox go , her sense go)


Commenting on your husband's pic and tagging him in all the posts you share is another thing, I mean you can tell him how he looks at night when he is sleeping next to you, over you or under you .


More than romantic it is scary as we dread a world where people will be sitting in front of each other and still texting!


For guys:-


The level of social media activity is directly proportional to how Hot their wife is so that they can make their friends jealous and tempt them to eat the forbidden Apple.


I think the destination of honeymoon depends on whether or not you have a DSLR ...(no camera=Mussourie)


Post pics , do check-in's , get drunk ,puke from Eiffel Tower but stop patronizing your partner ( you have married him now deal with it)


In the end  a piece of advice - Its Social Media so let other people come into your life and cause disturbances because "Why should boys have  all the Fun".....

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