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Linda Bachman


Linda Bachman the hopes of helping others understand depression, I would like to share my personal experience with the illness....I would liken it to wearing a lead suit that covers your entire body and then having to drag yourself through the day, doing only what it takes to get by and your every thought and movement takes all of your energy. Every moment your awake seems like an eternity and all you can think about is being freed at last by sleep, away from every sign of life.
 As you grow older and your resilience weakens, it gets harder and harder to cope and keep up. Hope fades and the slightest hint of a depressive episode coming on drops you like a bolder into utter despair. The thought of again having to mask your exhaustion and pain behind the daily acts of living is unbearable. Eternal sleep is your only obsessive thought, your only wish and your only you can be free of the unrelenting torture that others call living....
 so is not for us to judge how much another human being can endure....
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