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Jeffrey Benezra

1 million dollars...

Jeffrey Benezra Auto sales
I am looking for 100,000 people to start a chain. It will take every person to pay 10 dollars each.

  If my theory is correct everyone that gets in on the ground floor will make one million dollars through this program. 

We shall start with one person who shall get the first batch and that person we shall choose another and they shall start a new group when all is said everyone may spend one thousand dollars but in return receive one million dollars.

So who is up for the challenge and life changing money?

Send cash in envelope to.

Jeffrey Benezra

817 creyk ct

Conway sc, 29526

All those that are in the first batch shall recieve one million dollars through this program.  Let's see who is smart...

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Jeffrey Benezra
Jeffrey Benezra Just to be clear the first people to send ten dollars are i. Line to become the next host, be the first to send. Yes it sounds like a scam but I can assure you that with the right amount of people all over the world we can change each other's life, pay it forward, and honestly what are you risking on the first level? Ten dollars. I can spend then that at
08/14/2014 01:26:23
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