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Jay Viradiya

Technology Entices Augmented Reality in Display Gadgets through InAiR device in 3D-TV’s

Jay Viradiya
Time to obliterate your second screens; SeeSpace with its blessings on technology has invited the arrival of Kickstarter project in the form of InAiR Device that adds reality to your 3-dimensional televisions and overlapping panels to your 2-dimensional televisions to avail internet user interface.

InAiR is portable HDMI adapter that interfaces between your Television and Set-Up Box and connects to your Wi-Fi in a facile manner and thereafter it shrewdly determines the content you are watching and using Wi-Fi connectivity, InAiR gathers all the pertinent Social and Internet Contents in a layer between you and Television screen; Yes, on the Holographic Layer with augmented reality.

For example if you are watching movie, the InAiR device will display its related links to download or play its soundtracks, or display the lyrics of sound tracks or take a snapshot and upload on your social network.

Hand gestures, is the most impressive bonus from InAiR which allows experiencing the Tony Stark way of exploring J.A.R.V.I.S with hands in Iron Man Series, or Tom Cruise way of Browsing in ‘Minority Report’. This is possible through pairing the InAiR device with Kinect by Microsoft.

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