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Anonymous TR

Life holds all mysteries why is this one the death of me

Anonymous TR

A Boy lost……….


You pick at me every day make casual jokes towards me did you have any idea that you were the one that I loved….

When we first talked I had a feeling that we would work and you would make me feel again, make me forget about my past everything that happened to me just disappear.

We had fun laying games together and stupid flirt games you played with me that I loved. Go to parties together where you held me on your arm, made me feel important. I loved you for that.

We make new friends because it’s normal, you find a girl in a group of our friends slowly and slowly every day you push me away and for what. Someone you barely know. I don’t get you anymore, we used to have fun playing together and you throw that all away for her. What is she compared to me. What does she have that I don’t?

I gave you all of me my sadness my love and my happiness. You make plans together behind my back. Oh so now I’m just not even worth the try, not worthy of the attempt.

Now you’re not the man I thought you were you turned out like every other guy sounds cliché

 But true. Now I cry myself to sleep every night and for what, someone like you? Everyone tells me to get over you but I hold onto the thought that you’ll come back to me and forget all about her. Am I crazy for thinking that? Soon after all my friends abandon me for you and you’re new soon to be spouse. Now I feel like I got hit by a train no words…………

Just actions………..

Tomorrow on the news you’ll hear about me, how will you feel?

Will you even care? The one you loved isn’t capable of loving anymore.

And now you know that



This boy is lost…………

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