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Jay Viradiya

Portable Movie-Multiplex and Gaming Buttoned up with Virtual Reality Headset

Jay Viradiya
The past had formerly predicted for portable movie multiplex in the mode of Virtual reality headset. Technology with its inexhaustible creativity had dreamed to bring these amusing comforts to its consumers a few years ago, and finally virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift, Google Glass and Sony TMZ-H2 were launched.

But now it’s not just about watching movies and favorite shows with these headsets; the desires of consumers are bumped to add functionalities like playing 3-D games as well as watch 3-D movies. Imagine a headphone on your head turn’s into 60 feet 3-D screen after pulling it down to your eyes.

The Glyph, a virtual reality headset that takes lead of ‘virtual retinal display technology (VRD)’ and helps to display the images directly on your retina spawning nearly 60 feet in front of your eyes for perception instead of those elfish pixel screen at plural distance.

Glyph does not use any display device for perception; the images are actually contemplated in mind through your retina using a projector and half a million of micro-mirrors, somewhat similar mechanism is used where CRT television projects the images on the glass of the screen, though micro-mirrors are not used.

Glyph can be configured according to user’s desire where user can view the layer of images without the presence of real world or user can resize the image perimeter to a small one in order to engage with the real world simultaneously. So the logic is that you can view and operate your keyboard or have a look at the surroundings while using Glyph.

The 3D movies, Games and stuffs are interfaced to glyph using HDMI cables, so you can connect any device that can avail the output using HDMI ports. So load your collection to your smart phones, television and computers and mutate yourself into a cyborg.

The 3-dimensional images are directly layered on the real world view providing an abstraction to real world objects. Nearly half a million micro-mirrors are used to reflect the images at the fringe of your retina resulting in a virtual world of entertainment. The images are owed to be extra-crisp and awesome lagniappe sound effects.

Avegant has planned to launch this product through distribution of its beta-version for US $499 through Kickstarter Campaign.

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