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Honora Williams

Multiple Use Traveller First Aid Kit

Honora Williams
How should this kit be used?

This is the perfect first aid kit for you when on the go. It is ideal for your car, work vehicle, camping trip, hike, adventure travel, surf trip or any other type of activity that has you moving around.

The traveller first aid kit weighs just under 1kg. This lightweight design makes it a perfect companion for any movement based activity. The excellent design of this product means you do not miss out on the crucial first aid components that should be included in any kit. All the essential items are included, such as:
SMART snake bandage – to use when spider or snake bites have occurred and you need to apply pressure to stop blood flow
Hydro gel sachets – necessary when you are not near water and you have burned yourself
Antiseptic liquid
Bandages, pads, CPR mask, saline, antiseptic wipes and many more components

Does this meet the Workplace Health & Safety requirements for work vehicles?

Yes, the traveller first aid kit is the perfect product to make your work vehicle compliant with Safe Work Australia’s new Workplace Health & Safety Code of Practice. All work vehicles must have a suitable first aid kit to ensure they remain compliant with WHS laws and regulations.

Previously in NSW, the laws related to workplaces and first aid kits were contained in the Occupational Health and Safety legislation (OHS). These laws classified first aid kits into different types, with type ‘A’ being a very large kit, type ‘B’ being a medium sized kit suitable for most workplaces, and type ‘C’ being a kit suitable for work vehicles. The traveller first aid kit always exceeded the type ‘C’ list of components.

Now that the laws have been unified to cover all of Australia, first aid laws in the workplace have also been simplified.

Remain compliant and safe with easy restock options

Every component within the kit is labeled so that anyone can find the correct component needed for an emergency. These labels also have a number on them to tell you the number of the components you need to remain compliant. We recommend you restock your kit every 3-6 months or after any major emergency. This will ensure you have an up-to-date and safe kit. We provide an easy to use restock portal to make this process simple. Visit

Tailor make your traveller kit to meet your needs

There is a personal space section included in this kit that allows you to insert extra items that you consider as essential. Many people add insect repellent, sunscreen and medications.
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