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Jay Viradiya

Japan News: Japan Technology is Under the Influence Of Wearable E-Brains

Jay Viradiya
“Made in Japan” is the verdict under influence afresh. In the era of computers and smart-phones Japan is above to bring a coup reiteratively in the present wave of time.

Computers until now were in quantum but an imagination about wearing an electronic brain on a tiny sensitive part of a body would be a lead to a breathtaking technology, already in the process of presentation by great Japan.

An electronic brain hanged on the ear was the next errand in the minds of Japanese researching experts animadverting to abrade other wearable gadgets, and finally prototypes are contrived.

It’s not only about an electronic brain that can read and respond to your facial expressions through your ears using infrared spectrum through infrared sensors in fact Infrared-Sensing is just a basic technology in this wearable gadget.

It is currently recognized as “Wearable E-Brain” which is about 16-17 grams that can be attired on ears; though under development process it has attained to integrate a GPS, Barometer, Gyro meter, Compass, battery, speaker, microphone, Bluetooth and infrared in a single microchip with capacious data storage and capabilities to get connected to I-Pods, Smart Phones or any portable gadget.
Its design and layout is based on Japan’s Ikebana Disciplined Art perceived as creative expression through floral arrangements wherein nature and humanity are mingled availing a smooth comfort on our ears.

The predicted and tested capabilities of this Wearable E-Brain are grotesque, in-fact unbelievable. This device is talented to load software’s and with an extra-intelligence to get connected to portable devices it has invited a revolution in gadget technology.

The unbelievable capabilities include steering of software programmes in the portable devices through facial expressions. We could define our various expressions for triggering the navigation in software that would be availed free on all the platforms. Which means a single blink of eye for 2 seconds would load GPS or Music Player in the connected portable device.

Besides that if you are looking at London Bridge from heighted distance it would calculate our view using the available altitude, angle direction and location through its integrated sensors, and finally the GPS voice assistance would say “It’s the London Bridge Sir” and moreover if you wish to acquire further information about London bridge, your defined expression like blink of eye, raising eyebrows, clinching your teeth’s would trigger to search for further information through internet connectivity served by portable device.

Moreover the feature of connecting Smartphone to this device would enable the Wearable E-Brain to inform you about the other people glaring at the same view.

“The Eyesight” for blind people and “The Third hand” for Normal People from Bike-Riders to Astronauts are current epithets for this Wearable E-Brain, which is estimated to strike the markets by Mid-2015 as there are featured plans to add health monitoring capabilities and accident monitoring capabilities (using Accelerometer) which would trigger to make an automated call to Ambulance (using its GPS and network service provider of portable device).

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