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Ahona Das


Ahona Das Book reviewer and editor

And somewhere, in a busy corner of a bustling street, stays a man. A tired man. There's something that tears him apart. But, he never shows. For, if he cries, the worldly beings will assume he's weak. He has failed to attain his dreams, and the attempts have left him weary. But,he isn't ready to give up yet. Because, he is his hero, and heroes are invincible. 

And, in his mind, there's a never-ending conflict. He carries a storm in his soul, hidden from the world by the protective encasement of his mighty ribs. There's a queer emptiness in his life. Deep within, he is cut, and he is bruised. He doesn't talk a lot, and when you talk to him, once in a while he smiles. An incomplete smile. 

But, he never stops dreaming. The shades of his dreams, color his world a shade brighter, every night. For, he is bent, not broken. For, he never lets the hope die. For, his faith is unshaken. He believes, someday, all his 'nights' will reach their 'dawn'. He walks alone, and he knows, someday, fate will be in his favor. Someday, his hard work and perseverance will grant him the boon of his dreams. Someday, He will glide through the storms. He will soar high above the clouds. And someday, the torrential rains wouldn't be mighty enough to harm his wings.

For, even though he is exhausted, he never learnt to give up.

And there lies the magic. For, magic resides within us. And it's upon us, how we let it sparkle.



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Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh HI Ahona, it is true that one can achieve anything in his life if he has a strong will power and self-belief. If you do not believe in you then how can you expect world to believe in you. Failures and pain are friends to teach you some lessons to make your success big. It depends on you whether you want to live your dreams or dream your life. Each and every person has enormous amount of talent and strength which he is not aware of that. At last there is nothing to loose but everything to gain in your life so stop complaining and start living your life. :)
09/03/2014 20:12:14
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Ahona Das
Ahona Das Hi ranjeet, i am glad you liked my write-up. Thanks for leaving your precious point of view. :)
09/03/2014 20:13:07
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