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Linda Johnson

Betrayal, hurt heart

Linda Johnson
I  never thought I would be betrayed in the worse way ever. My ex boyfriend who I thought loved me placed all the blame on me for our break up. In fact it was all his fault, he started talking to this girl who he met through Facebook. She started tell him some stuff and he started to change and doubt our relationship, he would also throw her in my face. He said I  never loved him. I did love him and still do, but he has turned into a completely different person since he met her on the internet. They haven't even met each other yet and everything is this girl. If someone says something about her he comes to her defense, he was never like that with me. She lives in one state and he lives in another. She's into tarot cards and witchcraft. I  have a feeling she did something to him, he's not the same person anymore. he always told me no matter what we would be good friends no matter who came into his life....not true. Betrayal can hurt a lot especially when you were to blind to see the signs.
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Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh I have also suffered the same and can not describe my story in words. But i am happy to know that she was not the right girl for me. You should be happy to know that he is not a guy who can spent whole life with you. There is no witchcraft believe me. He is not the right guy for you. I hope you will get a guy who really cares about you and understand you and your emotions very well. I pray god will give you enough strength to bear this pain.
07/02/2014 12:33:31
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