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Bloom Media Corp.

How World Cup boost your traffic within a day or weeks for your keyword niche without engaging into paid search and ads

Bloom Media Corp. Entrepreneur

SEO | Boosting  Traffic by using World Cup for your Niche

We as content marketer we need to know how the content goes and how can we have an "Evergreen" content. By then we will be seeing a bigger picture after, when we have a good quality one. That includes traffic, leads, inquiries and ROI. But on this topic that i will be sharing you, is I am not assuring you to have a good leads or even ROI. What I assure you is that you will be having a boost or a massive traffic. 

So how i do it?. First here are some  featured tools I used:

Content Marketing Subject: Plumber Burwood

We all do know that my niche is "plumbing". So how would world cup can help boost my traffic?.


Simple, do a keyword research for your topic. Used most trend topics and have your targeted keywords inserted and i called this as (different niche cross promotion). However the topic should be fit on the content itself.  So you might ask me how?, well its for you to know guys on how you manage your content and should look compelling and natural to the readers. 

First i compare and analyze these two keywords by the used of my featured tools as seen above. See image below :




Keyword : "World Cup

Keyword : "Plumbing


Keyword : "Plumbing"

Keyword : "World Cup"

Isn't it great, seeing that the competition for keyword "world cup" is low and yet its avg. monthly searches is 200K +. How is it possible?. Actually there is an  explanation for this.

Why it has a huge  "Average monthly searches ."

- World Cup recently started this month 

- Trending and most talked about.

- Viewers/searchers always wanted to have an update 

Why it has a "low in Competition"

- Maybe for now less advertisers bidding on the keyword

- Less websites competing on the keyword

SEO's Point of view : Low competition keywords most likely easy to rank on SERPS. 


Content is nothing! and we can't also call our self a marketer if we don't know how and where to market our our stuffs unless if  you engage on paid search. But still paid ads most commonly do the advertising on social media.

So for me i choose Twitter to spread the content. But before that I also check my keywords .I used TOPSY for this, its an analytics/insights for twitter.



Upload / share your content page to viral content buzz to have an insights for the ff:

  • If someones sharing your content through 
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • G+ and
  • Mentions 

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Don Kenley
Don Kenley Cool!. Was a nice read. Might apply these sometimes or maybe now!. Competition just got started!
07/02/2014 01:18:43
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