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Daniel Coughlin

Say Good Bye to Exam Stress

Daniel Coughlin
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Examination stress is certainly a part of academics and most students, even brilliant ones, who may seem assured of passing, does experience a certain degree of stress in parts of their academic studies. But with the following tips it is possible to reduce exam stress and even eliminate it totally if well planned. Planning for the exams is another way of avoiding or negating stress.

1. It is not the stress but how students react to it that is important: A negative attitude to studies does not help. It only exacerbates the tense situation. It is necessary that students react positively and constructively to stress and stress situations to get the better of it.

2. Follow the Study Plan meticulously and thoroughly: It is necessary to draft out an Exam study plan after considering all factors of work, play and other need factors. Essentially, at least 10-12 hours could be given to studies with 8 hours of sleep, 2 hours of exercise and recreation and others for other chores. This must be well drafted with timetable. All subjects must be given importance, since it is not only necessary to pass but also score highly in each subject, maximum grades in simpler subjects.

3.Allow time for 10 minutes break with each hourly study time: Breaks are important since memory and concentration tend to ebb after continuous study and some relaxing is necessary and important. Rest re stimulates brain activities and refreshes the mind for optimum studies.

4.Have a good diet, free of junk food and colas: Eat nourishing with fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits and other nutritives. Avoid junk food since they are health hazards and interfere with good studies, memory and concentration. Vitamins, minerals and proteins are best diet and needs to be balanced for optimum studies.

5. Exercise, meditate, go for walks and keep the mind free and active, devoid of negatives:
A sound mind only works in a sound body and this is true for stress also. Both mind and
Body should be in optimum state and this could only be gained if the student is healthy both
in spirit and body.
6. Visualizing is also important and aids studies: Imagine yourself in classroom answering all the answers with confidence and aplomb, imagine that you have highest grades, imagine yourself entering and exiting the exam hall with exuberance, gaiety and joy and all this would all be a part of the final choice. Visuals could be turned into reality since the mind now reprograms itself with new positive and successful inputs. Visualizations could be seen as one of the best solutions to success and anti stress formulaes. We are what we visualize and this holds good for exam success and stress free studies too.

7.Planning is important to avoid stress: Students need to consider what are the factors that is rely causing all the stress- It is lack of planning, shortage of resources, bad execution, absence of good Time table or study schedule or simply, failure of the will to study.

8.If necessary seek professional help to avoid and/ control stress situations: If, despite best efforts, stress still persists, it is best recommended to seek professional psychologist or psychiatric help to overcome it , through therapeutic intervention, counseling drug course and so on.

Since stress is largely a figment of students own minds, it is the mind that needs to get rid of it through positive imagery, visualizations and always having positive attitudes. If students begin to enjoy studying and learning then the last vestiges of stress would indeed vanish and they would be in god terms with studies and all that goes with it. Creation of negative vibes and having wrong impressions of studies is what the main causes of exam stress and it is indeed in the own interests of academic studies, that they come into positive terms with exam stress.

Written by: Daniel Coughlin
Website :
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