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Santosh Kumar

4 awesome Google products to make your life easy

Santosh Kumar
As the whole world is getting “Google-ized” we see and understand how the internet giant has entered in our daily live and our subconscious mind, not particularly in the same order.

 How would you react if someone has ask  you about the currency rate from USD to Indian rupee, I’m not convinced if you will not visit a to answer.

“They saw, they came and they conquer” - digital world that was in some black hole before Google started re-defining it.

From sending your resume to finding the weirdest thing on internet, we go to none other than Google.

But do we really know how other exciting products are in Google kitty which we don’t know.

These lesser known but super smart products can ease your life and can be very productive.


Google Chrome 

It’s a free web browser launched in the year 2008. As per estimate Google chrome has 43 percent of World Wide Web share of their web browser, making it the most widely used web browser in the world.

Let’s discuss some of the feature available with Google Chrome 

One common box for search, address and history – With Google Chrome you can use the address bar for multiple uses. You can use it for searching your query, look up into history or simply enter into any website using the bar.

Can be use for searching your query -

Google chrome search

You can also use the same tab to delete history also. For this use the command. You need to simply type chrome://history/ or use shot cut key     Control + H to delete the history

Incognito browsing – Even you don't want to get bothered for deleting your history every time you surf. Google chrome allows you to visit any site without leaving cookies, history or feeds from your session. This is helpful especially when you are using a shared computer. Go to Google Chrome Icon and click on New Incognito Window

new  incognito window

You can also use short cut key Ctrl+shift+n

Reopen closed tab - Many times we close tabs by mistake. You can re-open tab by simply going right click your mouse over any opened tab. You can also use short cut command Ctrl+shift+t  to open recently closed tab

reopen closed tab screenshot

Create Desktop shortcuts – if you are visiting few site very often and don’t want to close it, you can use this feature and the site will be on your desktop or taskbar. For example you visit very frequently. Open the site and go to Google Chrome menu  icon > Settings > Tools > Create application shortcuts. 

You can create short for Desktop, add the same site in start menu and also pin to Taskbar

 create yahoo application shortcut

Task manager – You can use Task manager to find how much memory and CPU usage each tab is using. Go to Google Chrome icon > > Settings > Tools > Task Manager. This way you can close down unnecessary applications.  


Press Shift+Esc shortcut key to access Task manager

 task manager google chrome


Gmail was launched in 2004 as an alternative to existing email providers like Yahoo or Hotmail. 

Multiple email addresses - You can send email to or They are the same id provided by Gmail. 

Using a Dot or Period in the Gmail name - Google does not recognizes dots or period as email extension. This means it sees and as the same email id


Using the Plus sign and additional characters - You can also use "+": or other characters as extension of your Gmail id. For ex - You need to enroll in an online education course. You can choose your id as SO Email send to xyz@gmail or will end up in same inbox. 


Desktop Notifications – If you need to see your Gmail again and again due to some business urgency or some personal reason. You can take an option of desktop notification.

Just click the Gear icon in your inbox, go to Settings, and scroll down to Desktop Notifications

Don’t forget to save the changes.


Unsend or call back your email  – At times it happens that we send email to wrong email  id or without completely writing an email.  Just imagine if it would be your resume for a job. Gmail give you an option to recall your email.

For this go to Gear icon gear icon - click on Settings > Labs- Search for Undo in search box, enable the Undo Send option.  See below

unsend or callback email

Don’t forget to SAVE the change

You can also increase or decrease your Undo time limit. 

Click on Gear icon and go to Settings >General tab

gear icon general tab

Don’t forget to SAVE the change

Attachments and Stars option – 

Remember... the time when you have to send an attachment in your email but you clicked on Send button without adding the attachment. Gmail has this unique feature to notify you if you have not added the attachment in your email. 

When you mention “attached” keyword in the body of the email, Gmail understand this as a indicator that you want to attach an document with the email and notify when before sending the email. See below

 attached keyword in gmail

It will give warning -- 

 attached keyword in gmail warning

Another salient feature of Gmail is Star. You can classify your email as per the priority on the basis of color. 

Go to the Gear box > Settings > Stars. You can now add in different colored stars, for 1*, 2* and so on.

gear box setting stars in gmail

You can also search your email by Star you had selected for them. For example you can search – has:green-check

Keyboard shortcuts – There are lots of short key available for Gmail to make your experience easy and fun.

gmail keyboard shortcuts

You can also format your own short cut keys. You have to enable keyboard shortcuts in your settings.

Click the Gear box icon – Settings- General - keyboard shortcuts – select keyboard shortcuts on.

See below

 keyborad shorcut on off docs google

Once keyboard shortcuts is ON, You can use more shortcuts keys. 

Google documents 

Google documents was launched on 2010. This is a very powerful real time document tool.  Users can produce text documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, and surveys.  

How to use Google docs – Google drive is a tool that not only create documents but also allows sharing, storing and updating files or images. You need to download Google drive or you can access through Google App launcher.  You should have Google account to access Google drive.

How to create a Google Doc - You can create a Google doc by clicking on Create button. You can choose to create a word document, spreadsheet or slide.

google docs upload

You can also name your document by just clicking on untitled document on the extreme left section.

google docs untitles docs

You can sort your documents by Title, Owner or Date modified by just clicking on those tabs

Use of Google Docs 

Share – You can share your document with someone having Google id –

Share- share with someone who don't have Gmail id

You can also send email to someone who don’t have Google id by selection Email as attachment

Add star – You can add star to set up priority for the particular document

Make a copy – You can also make a copy of your document.

Download – You can also download your Google documents to your desktop.

google docs email as attachement

Detail and activity log – This log gives you all the activities that has been done on that document. You can get all information by clicking on it.

details and active log google docs

Save Gmail attachments – You can save all your attachments received in the email in Google drive by simply clicking on Google drive icon.

save gmail attachemt

Google Maps

Google maps is a web based application which provides information about geographical regions and sites around the world. It can be used to get directions, street view or even for business purposes. Google maps introduced in 2005

Features of Google Maps - 

Get directions – With google map you can make sure that you never be lost. You can search for any place and get directions to your destination. Click on Directions and enter you starting and ending point.

choose transport medium google map

Choose your transport medium- You can choose a car, public transport or by foot to direct Google maps to give you directions. 
choose transport medium google map

Toggle and add additional destination – You can also toggle your destination by clicking on "up and down" arrow and also add additional destination by clicking "+" icon

toogle and add additional destination google map

Blue color shows the best possible route available for your destination, however you can also change the route as per your requirement with a simple drag of mouse. 

discover places and destinations google map

 Discover places and destination – By using Google Maps you can also search for business destination, restaurant or popular public places. You can also get review about them, see images and see their rating.

 review of places google map

Thanks for reading this :) Have a great day !


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