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Ranjeet Singh

16 Students you meet in college. Do you want to know who are these students then see this infographic.

Ranjeet Singh CEO and Founder at
1) The Curve Wrecker - Makes sure your C+ keep you off the Dean's List

2) The Resurrected - Absent all semester. Shows up for finals

3) EMO - Thinks Twilight is stupid, dresses like Edward Cullen

4) Little Miss POTATO CHIP - Extremely lound and incredible Oblivious

5) The TREBEK! - BACK to School Granny

6) The Borrower - Forgets ink pens. And paper. And what class he's in.

7) Part-Time Student Full-Time Mom - Carries textbooks in a diaper bag

8) The TRENDSETTER - All textbooks have a combined weight of 1.44 lbs

9) Back to School Granny - Stumbles across a photo of herself in History textbooks.

10) Pong Champion - Will ask for a copy of your notes next week

11) The Van Wilder - has the professor carry his textbooks to class

12) PJ - Waking up is enough work without having to get dressed for class

13) The Flask - Soda Shouldn't smell like that

14) The Bumble Bee : Phone buzzes more than a honeycomb

15) The Picasso - Spends class time doodling picture of weird classmates

16) The Riddler - Right arm locked into the question asking position.

If any of your friend comes in this category then share it with them.

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