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Smriti Thukral

Hiring takes a giant leap !

Smriti Thukral

I remember my grandmother narrating me the story of how and why our family came to the big city, ‘Delhi?’ The fanciful dreams that my grandparents envisioned were propagated by my granduncle who I remind as the only person spoiling me with those yummy looking foreign candies! He had made it big professionally: my family said so and therefore my grandfather; filled with mountains of aspirations willingly agreed to move into the capital city on learning about job vacancy in his brother’s company.

This process of recruiting- which we commonly call ‘referral hiring’ had initiated long before the word was defined. Retention in companies emerged as a positive prospect but excessive time consumption in the same remained a challenging proposition. Those days’ newspapers held equal importance with people eagerly encircling the jobs that suited their personalities, giving interviews and praying for that ‘one single call’ which they believed could change their lives. This process however, hasn't undergone a paradigm shift with the basics of the procedure remaining intact.

The era of consultants has been recognized with the intent of obtaining as many CVs as possible. Quality was not emphasized upon, the number of resumes much more important.

And then a major breakthrough came, in what we call the history of hiring. With the advent of technology, internet gave birth to online portals which made the process simpler, bridging the gap up to a level between the science of the ‘law of demand and supply.’

No sooner the HR industry not only took birth but became a focal point for majority of companies. The revelation came with a realization, “people can make or break it’ and thus referrals which were once overpowered by other sources of hiring gained pace again.
Today, we are well versed with the fact that referrals are the most efficient and effective ways of hiring. The thought behind the same has always been that people in your network are bound to stand at the same pedestal when it comes to skills and capabilities .This is the reason behind a whooping majority of 40% preferring referrals than other source of hiring.
Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have further revolutionized the process thus making hiring one of the simplest processes ever possible. Nobody asks for more when there is bonus and recognition program for the employees and a less cumbersome procedure for the recruiters! The extent of reach however, is still limited due to the tedious process.  

The recruitment industry is extremely dynamic. Things are changing very fast and will continue to evolve and yet technology delves into the most amazing way of hiring. What do you think is the recent development in this arena?

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Smriti Thukral
Smriti Thukral I will be happy to have a feedback on my first article :)
06/25/2014 08:09:59
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Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh Smrity, your article has good starting that makes me to read full article. You have made the article interesting by adding small past stories that strengthen your point of dynamic recruiting industry. You ended your article well by summarizing your core point of writing this article. About recent arena recruiting has completely changed now company prefers skills over qualification. In future creativity and innovation will be more preferred. Now company becomes more selective they do not give any extra preference to referrals. To get selected you need to qualify for that job and fulfill their requirements.
06/25/2014 08:37:53
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