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Ranjeet Singh

Why Go For Cool Promotional Items?

Ranjeet Singh CEO and Founder at
It has been a long debate if one should use promotional items for marketing or not. But it has been consistently proven that promotional items are way worth it for any marketing endeavor. Here are some reasons why.

1. Memorable

If you go for promotional products and truly succeed in providing quality products to your clients, you will be surprised on how it can help you become memorable for them. Say you provide personalised mobile charger, you will definitely be memorable for anyone who is able to use the product. In fact, you will be surprised on how one people and two people go buy your product where they don’t even know you at all. It all boils down to being memorable and at the same time familiar. With this, people “unconsciously” prefer your products from others.

2. Lasting and Passive Promotion

Unlike traditional marketing, you will notice that you have a passive and a lasting kind of promotions with promotional products. Think about it, instead of actively calling clients or prospects, while usually having irate ones, you can instead have a passive promotion of promo products while them loving you. There is a huge difference if you think about it. Prospects who encounter traditional marketing like home visits or aggressive phone calls, usually end up frustrated and annoyed by these moves. But when you provide cool promotional items you will see a drift to a good mood. One that people actually love.

3. Easy to Start

You do not have to form a team or do training to a set of people for you to commence promotional items. You just have to find suppliers that offer promotional flash drives with cheap deals and then, voila! You are good to go. It is very easy to start.

4. More loyal customers

When your customers are caught off guard with the wonderful deed of giving them something of value without them asking for it, then they can’t help but be in favor to you. They will love you for initiating the act of giving. There is a power on this strategy that most people can never deny (even if it is not written in the books).

5. They are generally cheap (in comparison to the returns)

As mentioned earlier, most promotional products could be cheap. So if you want a personalised mobile charger or promotional flash drives on cheap deals, then you better head to dealers and suppliers that offer exactly that. There are tons of suppliers to assist you.

Now if you want to make a difference, you have to go for the ones worth it in the market. And that means going for cool promotional items. Never go for the usual mundane promotional products. It is best to go for cool promotional items. To help you get started, why not check these wonderful promotional items.

Promotional Flash Drives

Promotional flash drives belong to the cool promotional items last year. It has been a long story for this product but this made it to be one of the coolest items to have for promotions last year. Despite the fact that they are generally cheap, production, customization and price are generally cut down. Perfect for mass production.

Personalised Mobile Charger

The next promotional product to check is the personalised mobile charger. You are able to get the best deals with this product if you go for wholesale deals. There are some great companies that offer that. If you want this product to truly boom, you should consider learning how

With a mobile charger that has your logo in it, people will always see your brand each time they need help. Think about it, your brand is based on confidence.

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