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Kapil Sharma

Sudarshan kriya - A tool to improve Luck.

Kapil Sharma
Success does not depend on hard work. its depends on luck. we cant control our luck , so we have to say that it depends on hard work. There are lot of people who have lack of knowledge , education than you but they are living better life than you . why does it happen ? Two student from same college , same course and they have same talent and same marks in exam but one of them fight to get job and another one works with world's top company . you can see a lot of example. its a matter of luck.

Big question is that how to improve luck ? Now you have tool to improve luck. This tool name is "Sudarshan Kriya " . Its invented and discovered by Shri Shri Ravi Shankar . Lot of people are using this tool and enjoying life . and experience of millions people is the certificate of this , that it works.
So if you want to improve your luck , learn "Sudarshan kriya " . You can learn it from anywhere. Art of Living organization teaches "sudarshan kriya" . center of art of living are in more than 150 country and in each city of india.
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