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Santosh Kumar

How to get maximum traffic from Facebook to your website

Santosh Kumar

With more than 1 billion registered users on its site, undoubtly Facebook is a giant in the field of social media.  It is the most popular social network site.

 In addition to keeping in touch with your friends it provides excellent opportunity for business related activities also.

If you are running a flower delivery service or a restaurant, you can benefit a lot with Facebook and can reach out to millions of users with a click of mouse. However, driving website traffic from your Facebook page is a challenging task.

We are going to analyze factors related to Facebook  as well how can we get the maximum benefit from this social media giant and drive thousand of traffic to our web site.

So let’s assume you are running your own business and you want to drive traffic from your Facebook page to your own website probably landing page.

You need a place or portal to tell people about what you do. What kind of product or services you offer and for this you need a website or portal.


First things first -

1 - Create a website or portal to make your presence in digital world

 So, if you are running a restaurant create a website to display your menu as well price list.  Once website created, create a Facebook page for your company or product.

Give enough background information; add images of your services and what sort of industry you are working in.

In the About section of your page write a description about your product or the services you are offering.

About preview of your brand facebook page

Also don't forget to make your profile public because this way even people, who don't know you can encounter your profile. Also include information about your site on your wall and in the photo gallery.


Create followers and build network –

 Once the site is online and products are being displayed, now it’s time to get some user hunting. You would like to get people who are interested in your service or would like to take your service.  

The best way is to join the groups related to your services and explain your product to the people in the group.  For the start you can invite your friends, acquaintances, and partners and ask them to join as your supporter. However, don't be pushy and don't spam because this is not the way to convince people to join your network.

  • Send an email to all the people whom you know describing about your product with a link to your website.
  • Also request them to visit your Facebook page and like the page.
  • You can also invite them if they are on Facebook to your page


Be pro- active and post regularly – You need to maintain fresh approach to your site. Post regularly, no matter which field you are in. Also try to update your page with new content. If you don’t post regularly the traffic to your group or page will come down which in return will impact your website performance in negative way.


  • Post a weekly tip on your niche. So let’s say you are in flower delivery. Advise user or visitor how they can keep flower fresh for longer time.
  • Also post a weekly activity that is going on your business with a nice picture. Probably you can display a new recipe with image which you made just last week.


Fresh and helpful content will always help you to get the desired traffic to your website


Facebook ads –

If you are not getting the desired traffic from natural way, you might consider using Facebook social ads.

 You can reach out to Facebook for the ads and choose one of the options available to drive traffic to your website, you can either create an ad from scratch with a link to your website, or boost content that you’ve already posted.

When you boost content, remember to post something that doesn’t have a photo that has more than 20% text in it or it won’t get approved by Facebook. You can also run an event or offer for your product for increasing your sales

You can also post offers or events through your Facebook page to direct traffic to your website.

Go to the offer option available within Facebook. See below

facebook page status offers and events

how to create an offer on facebook page


You can also boost your post through facebook Boost Post option. This is a form of paid advertising provided by Facebook to promote your offer or event.

how to boost posts of your facebook page through fb paid advertising


Optimize your Facebook page with content on your site –

Not only you have to write a great content but also you need to share it on your Facebook page. So let’s say you have written something great about different kinds of healthy diet for weight loss on your website. You also need make sure it reaches to the maximum audience with a people visiting your site.

  • Put a brief description about the content with a link to your website.
  • Also try to add an image for better description and interest.


optimize your contents on facebook to get more traffic and views

There are two way you can promote your content available on your website through Facebook. First one is shown above which is just a simple link to your website. Second is to post link with a image to drive more traffic to your website. (see below)

post link with a image to drive more traffic to your website

Writing article and adding link to your website can ask visitors to visit the site for other contents and drive traffic to your website.


Pin your post and highlight it

You can use Pin to Top option to appear your post on top. A great way to drive website traffic is by pinning posts to the top. When you publish a new post or your most important ones, pin it right to the top. This can be done by hovering over your post, clicking on the edit button and then clicking on ‘Pin to the top”. Don’t forget to unpin old post and pin new post for maximum visibility.(see below)

screenshot to pin a post at top on facebook page to drive website traffic

 Second option is Highlighting your post to attract more attention to posts that possess links that lead to your website is by highlighting them. When you highlight a post it is spread all the way across the two columns on your timeline, thereby helping it gather more viewers.


Write longer post – if you are posting articles on your facebook page, try to write long articles. As per the study long articles get more likes and shared more and people appreciate them .  Therefore, it is better to write long post compared to short ones to drive more traffic to your website.  As I’m trying to write long article to get it more shared if you find it helpful J

  • You can write about your own experiences or something which can be useful for people
  • Post articles about a successful person in your niche . probably you can write about a successful  restaurateur in your city.
  • Try to get email interview with them by sending your question to them.


Publish your article at right time and right day – according to recent study the best time to post in Facebook is considered in the afternoon.  Links sent between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. get the most traction, with Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. being the best time to post on Facebook all week. If you post between these time period there is a high possibility of you getting more clicks and likes.  People like to be on Facebook when they don’t want to work, Thursday and Friday considered to be the best day to post your article.


Now you try it – I hope I was able to give you little insight about the potential of Facebook and getting traffic to your website through it.


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