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Sheryl Leaman

4 Tips for Wedding Flowers Before You See Any Calgary Florists

Sheryl Leaman Business

There were over 150,000 weddings in Canada in the year 2015. Many of those brides probably incorporated flowers in their big day. Even though most women are familiar with purchasing bouquets and same day flower delivery Calgary, many do not know that there are several things they should do before going out and speaking to flower shops Calgary about their upcoming nuptials. Here are some things to look into prior to speaking to a florist about your wedding:

1. Where do flowers fall in your order of priorities? This is an important question to ask yourself. If flowers are very important to you then the sooner you start looking for a florist, the better. Due to the fact that most Calgary Florists are one or two person shops, it is important to note that they may not be able to handle more than one wedding a weekend or a day. As such, it is critical that you begin speaking to them early enough because they tend to book up quickly, especially if your wedding is slated for wedding season.

2. Work with a budget – Before you ever set foot in a florist’s shop and begin talking about your big day you must have a ballpark figure in mind that you are willing to spend on blooms. Of course your budget will be pegged on several different things such as the floral designs you are looking at, how many bouquets you need and also whether or not the blooms will be in season. If you do not have a budget to work with you may get quotations that may range between $1,800 and $18,000 which may serve to throw you off instead of helping you make a decision.

3. Keep it realistic – It is important to ensure that you are looking at ideas and floral designs that are in tune with your budget. If you want elaborate designs and lots of flowers, some of which might be out of season, then have a budget to match. If you do not have too much money to spend on flowers, then remember that there is elegance in simplicity. You can still get beautiful floral displays within your budget.

4. Know your floral style – It is a good thing to first find out what your style is before going out to find flowers and floral designs for your upcoming nuptials. Looking online at various floral designs can help you figure out what you like. If you find yourself drawn to a particular theme or design, then that may be just what you like best.

The author is a leading florist who specialises in offering fresh flowers in Calgary and surrounding areas. In this article, he explains about how to prepare before you buy wedding flowers from Calgary Florists. For more details, visit or flower shop: 2002 Kensington Road NW, Calgary, AB - T2N 3R5

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