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Advantages of Doing Your Own Business in Singapore


Singapore has received many accolades for its business friendly NATURE. Few of those rankings are mentioned below:

- In 2015, for the ninth consecutive year, Singapore was ranked as the best country in the world for Doing Business among the 189 countries surveyed by the World Bank.

- Forbes ranks Singapore as the third wealthiest country in the world based on its per capita GDP.

- The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook in 2014 lists Singapore as among the least bureaucratic countries in the world (3rd worldwide and 1st in Asia).

- According to Mercer’s 2014 survey on the Quality of Living Worldwide City Rankings, Singapore is Asia’s best city.

With all these, Singapore is considered as the best place in the world for people who are interested in becoming successful entrepreneurs. From its stunning nature, business-friendly government policies, government funded programs to tax exemption schemes, beginning your startup in Singapore comes with lot of advantages. Let us discuss them in detail.

Say NO to Language Barrier

One of the most common difficulties that many entrepreneurs face when they branch out overseas is a Language Barrier between their employees, their company and their consumers. But fortunately, Singapore is one of the few countries in Asia where their preferred language is English. So there should have little to no issues with language barriers.

Easy to Spread Your Business Worldwide

When you decide to startup your company in Singapore, you will be able to have unique access to the culture and people of the area. And also, you will even find it easier and simpler to spread your business into other countries including Thailand, Indonesia with a strong Singapore exposure.

Find Ample of Talented and Eligible Employees for Your Business

In Singapore, you can find a pool of talented and eligible employees who are simply waiting for the better chance to shine in their career. So if you’re looking to hire an energetic employee to work with you, the options are endless.

A Great Place to Live in

Businesses aside, you can play as hard as you work in Singapore. Yes… Singapore is recognized as one of the best place to live and also awarded as the Cleanest and Greenest City in the World. It has an efficient and affordable public transport system, and its healthcare services are world-class.

Finally, Singapore is booming and the country consistently ranks as the most innovative economy in Asia by Global Surveys. So why wait? If you interested to start a new company in Singapore, contact Sandhurst Consultancy Pte Ltd, the leading provider of company registration Singapore today!

The Author is a Singapore-based business man. Based on his experience, he has written this article with the theme of “Advantages of doing business in Singapore”. For more details, visit

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