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Santosh Kumar

How to make content viral. Understand and apply

Santosh Kumar
How content goes viral?

Is there any recipe for making content viral?

Let study some factor and the logic behind content going viral.

Wharton professor Jonah Berger has done extensive research to understand what characteristics are found in a content which makes its able to reach millions views. Let understand them

Man is a social animal and is attached to the society in which he or she was born. Although every society has very different aspects of most of the thoughts, however there are few basic things which are very common in every society. This is the key for any article or video to go viral within hours.

1 – Talk positive, leave negative – people want to know about positive things that are happening in world. They want to believe that world is still a better place to live. That is the reason many videos or content goes viral which are based on small act of kindness.

2 – Play the string of emotions and you are done – those content are very much likely to go viral who has having high degree of emotions. Those content which can evoke your emotions like joy, fear, anger, lust or surprise can easily get noticed and tend to be shared more.

3 – Practical, useful and handy content get more shares – when you see an article or video which can help you to sort out a particular problem, you only appreciate them. That is the reason we see many health benefits articles or videos getting shared a lot. People look for free solution all the time.

Pretty cool, right? But it’s not that easy it seems.

Now the million dollar question , how can we make our content viral?

Whenever you are thinking of adding or writing any content for your website—just think for a second Does it have any of the above mentioned quality to make it viral? Can it evoke emotions to the level where people not only read them but share too?

Be emotional, write emotional - Your article or content should be not only simple but also it should strike the cord of readers mind. A video of a father who has just returned from military duty especially for his daughter's birthday will be shared more than a burglary in your neighborhood.

Make visual content – a picture speaks more than thousand words. Videos had almost 50% more possibility of getting viral in comparison to a plain written article. You cannot assume “Gangnam” going viral if it was written as article: )

Serve selected audience – you cannot write for everyone. We all know that you need to create content for a specific audience and can only raise the possibility of content getting shared to maximum. For example “ What to do in first two minutes of getting heart attacked” will get more attention to people having heart related problem and gradually will be share by others also who think it can be beneficial for all.

Well researched content always get respect and shares – An article or video which has been researched on a particular topics can get more views than other articles. So if you are helping people to understand the economy of Africa, you will definitely get more views.

These are the few tips and tricks which can help you to make your viral content !!!
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